World Pulmonary Hypertension Day is an annual global event to raise awareness of pulmonary hypertension (PH), a severe condition affecting the lungs and heart.

On May 5, more than 80 organizations around the world usually participate in World PH Day activities to raise awareness of this frequently misdiagnosed disease and celebrate the lives of people living with PH.

The global PH community is encouraged to raise awareness of PH by sharing photos of activities on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using hashtags like #StillPHighting and #WorldPHDay2023. If you are having an online event, please add it to the World PH Day calendar. In-person events are also more than welcome.

We also have developed a toolkit, including banners, timetable, WPHD logo, etc. You will find these in the toolkit page.

The global PH community is also encouraged to address the policy makers and decision makers to support and facilitate research. A high-profile event with the participation of Members of the European Parliament was organized on the 21st of April in 2022 to mark World PH Day. The recording is available from here.

What People Say?

“I had heard that air is rare as we go high over the altitudes. Luckily for me, air is rare right where I am. Thanks to gravity which gave me all these experiences of lightheadedness right where I am. What I see depends on what I’m looking for. Before I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Artery Hypertension I breathed, after diagnosis I breathe, now, I’m conscious of it, I respect it, I cherish it. I want to live in every moment of my life and breathe in only as deep as I can and leave behind enough carbon credits for the future generation to encash.”

Parul Shah

Mumbai, India

“Don’t feel shy to breathe easy.”

Likhith Raghavendra Reddy

Guntur, India

“Pulmonary Hypertension is a deadly disease that can often go misdiagnosed or undiagnosed for years. World PH Day offers hope for awareness so there can be more accurate and timely diagnosis, better treatments, improved quality and length of life, and hopefully even a cure someday!”

Roshni Chaudhari

Mumbai, India

“Three things come to my mind about World PH Day: life is in the air, all in one breath and breath mission.”



“WPHD is an opportunity for us to direct our energy and focus on creating awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension. When I hear WPHD I think of a focused targeted project – combining resources and ideally a joint force of awareness – a communal project. I believe we have power in numbers and the ability to really extend our reach to significant audiences.”



“WPHD means the opportunity to spread awareness about pulmonary hypertension and the chance to draw attention to the lives of patients with this disease and the memory of those who can no longer be here with us.”


Czech Republic

“Great chance to get our members and friends together, united for common cause and have some fun while we are at it!”




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