World PH Day Centre

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic stopped us from meeting in person, but hopefully the World PH Centre will help us stay in touch.

The WPHD Centre is a virtual platform where leaders of the PH patient associations from all over the world can meet online, share their experiences or simply chat.

The Centre provides various possibilities: you can find a special section with booths from national member associations. Many of them share interesting videos and documents.

In the presentation room, a number of presentations are already available and you can see all of them whenever it fits your schedule.

The sessions are available in English and the themes are varying from scientific sessions about transplantation and future outlook of PH treatment to rehabilitation issues and day-to-day guidance. This year the COVID-related lectures could not be missed from the agenda: we can learn how the PH patient management has changed due to the pandemic from the perspective of a nurse and get insight of the perspective of PAH in light of COVID-19.

… and if you would like to chill a bit and have some talk with fellow leaders your place is at the virtual pool, where you can enjoy Vittorio’s «coffee break» moments. Here you can chat with other participants that are logged on. You can even do video calls with them including meetings with several participants. And you will also be able to send chat messages to other registered participants whether they are online or not.

If you are a leader of a PH association and would like to add your association to this platform, please email your association details to or get in contact with us.

Enjoy World PH Day Centre open 24/7!

World PH Day Centre
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